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Whether you are fortune 500 or a startup we can help you to unlock opportunity by creating human-centered products.
Kurt A.
Franchise Owner 

“I wanted to thank Stephen and Purpose for helping align my goals and my staff’s goals to make us all successful. I own 3 franchise locations, and he has provided exceptional customer service with my team and has provided coaching for myself and my staff, which is something a lot of companies just don’t do. He’s made me better, my company better, and has given a lot of value to my employees and staff. I highly recommend Stephen Merrill and his company Purpose.”

Natalie M.
Business Owner 

PURPOSE really adds value to each business and entrepreneur because it allows the employees to really connect with what their role is within the larger vision of the company. It helps stimulate an environment of excitement and growth which every company and entrepreneur needs in order to scale the business to its fullest potential. Human capital will always be the most important part of building a company and that is exactly what PURPOSE helps you focus on as an owner and the people in your team.  If you need help optimizing your business and team then PURPOSE is the perfect service to implement into a growing business.

Bader Scott
Injury Lawyers

The Purpose of our Speaker Series is to add value to our employees by inspiring them, and transforming them. Your presentation today will have a lasting impact on our employees and our Firm. Thank you! Because of what you said, we have been holding one another accountable to exceed our S.M.A.R.T. goals and be more intentional with our Purpose. Thank you again so much!

Tiffany M.

Stephen and I started meeting frequently over Zoom to work through my goals. Before long, Stephen helped me develop the courage and tools to leave my old job and land the significantly better position I have now. I don’t believe I would have believed in myself enough to leave the comforts of my old company to seek out a better opportunity. If you are looking to make big, positive changes in your life, connect with Stephen. He is your guy!

Robert M.
Business Owner 

Steve and the team are absolutely FANTASTIC! PURPOSE is unique in that it helped me in two areas. Personally and professionally. Personally, I helped me establish a path of revised core values as my business was going through one of the biggest transitions. Their system helped provide me and our executive leadership clarity and realignment. I highly recommend Steve and his team of coaches!

Debra R.
Financial Advisor 

Implementing Stephen Merrill’s Purpose Program  has allowed me to become a better leader for my Team and a better wife, mother, and friend.  I find that I am listening more and respecting others’ views.

For companies who are looking to change the morale in their business, I highly recommend looking into Purpose!


Martino S.

Working with Steve and Karissa has been such a privilege. Not only has my career improved, but the way I feel about myself, the relationships I have with others and even just the way I view my life. They put their energy into you to make sure that you achieve your goals. Working with PURPOSE has been such a pleasure, I love them, I love working with them, and I know that I’m becoming a better “me” every single day.

Phylicia M.

My experience working with Steve has been one of development and growth. I’ve learned a lot about myself personally and professionally. With his guidance, I’ve learned how to set boundaries and overcome obstacles. 100% would work with him again and I would recommend him to my friends and colleagues.




These guys are amazing, they built a custom marketing plan for our company and we’ve implemented that since. We have been generating leads and closing new business with their strategies. We’re excited to have PURPOSE on our team. If you’re looking for a team to sit down with and find out exactly what it is your company can do better to generate more money for your company, employees, and your families, you need PURPOSE!

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